Lubov - Art Guest of Honor


If you've frequented convention art shows during the modern era, or played card games like Magic: The Gathering, you've seen her work. It's spectacular, lavish, and speaks to your fannish spirit. 
...A Chesley Award nominee, Lubov's work has appeared internationally in numerous publications and galleries, on multiple cards for the games Magic: The Gathering, Galactic Empires, Dungeons & Dragons, and covers for various books, comics, event programs, and magazines. . 
...Lubov trained at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in Russia, where her focus was on the classical application of oils. 
...Lubov's focus on the worlds of science fiction and fantasy led her to become a regular seminar speaker and/or guest artist at numerous conventions, including WesterCoin, Xanadu Las Vegas, LosCon, DemicCon, LoneStarCon 2, LepreCon, BaltiCon, and others. 

Check out her website HERE. 




Drake - Author Guest of Honor


Maxwell Alexander Drake, or "Drake" as he prefers to be called, is an award-winning science fiction/fantasy novelist, playwright, graphic novelist, and writing instructor. He is best known for his fantasy series, The Genesis of Oblivion Saga, as well as being the lead fiction writer for Sony's EverQuest online video game.
...He teaches Creative Writing all around the world at schools, libraries, writers’ conferences and fan events such as Comic-Con International in San Diego, Gen-Con in Indianapolis, Origins Game Fair in Columbus OH, and was the only author invited to attend the very first Saudi Arabia Comic Con in 2017.
...In recent years he has been working in the movie industry, where he has been paid to write a few movie scripts. Currently, he is working on an animated T.V. show.
Check out his websites: HERE and  HERE.



Santaanta Proudstar - Local Guest of Honor


In 1996, Jon Proudstar changed the landscape of comic books forever with the release of Tribal Force #1.  Twenty years later, Native Realities is proud to be the sole publisher for the re-release of this iconic work.



James C. Glass - Special Guest


James C. Glass is a retired physics and astronomy professor and dean who now spends his time writing, painting, traveling, and playing didgeridoo (Native American flute).
...He made his first story sale in 1988 and was the Grand Prize Winner of Writers of the Future in 1991. Since then he has sold nine novels, four short story collections, and over fifty short stories to magazines such as Aboriginal S.F., Analog, and Talebones. For details, see his web site at www.author-jamesglass.com .
...He now divides his time between Spokane, Washington and Desert Hot Springs, California with wife Gail, who is a costumer and healing dancer.



Eric Wile - Gaming Guest of Honor


Eric Wile is a credited video game designer. He has done level design, story boarding, concept design, game engine design etc. He currently resides in Colorful Colorado.
His passion for gaming started when he was young. He started playing the Atari when he was young and was so good that he collected a wide scale of badges and letters from the game companies. He even got mentioned as one of the top 25 players in the nation when he was only 8. During this time he started to develop a reputation at the arcades in Colorado as the player to beat. He broke many long held records for the Atari as well.
In 2002 Eric moved to San Diego for the chance of a life time. He accepted an offer from Verant Interactive. Verant later bought by Sony and the name was changed to Sony Online Entertainment. They started producing and developing MMO’s and ironically at the time this was Sony's most profitable division.
...During his time at Sony Online Entertainment, Eric had a major hand in the development of several extremely popular titles such as EverQuest, EverQuest II, EverQuest Online Adventures, PlanetSide, Star Wars: Galaxies and Vanguard Saga of Heroes.
...However his crowning achievement was his involvement with the popular EverQuest franchise, even going so far to develop EverQuest: Macintosh Edition, which earned him the prestigious Sony Achievement award.

He is currently in production of his own indie tabletop game.



Alex Pescador - Comic Art Guest of Honor


Alex is a writer from Phoenix, Arizona who founded Blue Crown Comics in 2016. Taking major influence from the cartoons of the 1980’s, the superheroes of DC Comics, and the anime influx of the 1990’s, Alex’s books exude a quirky mix of eastern and western influences. His first series, Burnout Club: Accelerate!, features an all-girl motorcycle gang who live in a futuristic Aztec empire.

Alex' personal Facebook Page: HERE



Shea "Bird" Robinson - Comic Art Guest of Honor


Shea is an artist from Tempe, Arizona and a newcomer to the indie comic scene. She is currently working for Blue Crown Comics on the series "Rival Stars" which is a new take on the magical girl genre, set during the American Civil War. Her influences include Michael Turner and J. Scott Campbell."