LepreCon 2018 is the 44th of the series of Fan-run General Fantasy & Science Fiction (F&SF) Cons. This Signature Event of LepreCon, Inc. has been held annually since 1975.

LepreCon, Inc. is an IRS 501c3 and Arizona Nonprofit volunteer corporation, that exists to promote Fantasy & Science Fiction, with a special emphasis on F&SF Art.

LepreCon, Inc. PO Box 26665 Tempe, AZ 85285-6665.

LepreCon provides access to Authors, Filk Music & Musicians, Art & Artists and Gaming/RPG guests.

Current President Woody Bernardi is also the COO/ConChair of LepreCon 44, he can be reached at (617) 595-1165, cell or Lep44ConChair@LepreCon.org